About the Instructor

Ahmad Rabiee

Founder and Manager of Englishvid 

I hold IELTS, TESOL , TKT , From Cambridge and London University 

  • I have more than 8 years of experience Teaching different courses such as IELTS , TOEFL , CPE , Grammar and Pronunciation & Accent Training 
  • I have written several booklets and books regarding Teaching and Learning subjects and I have lectured in many Universities
  •  I have worked and studied abroad in many countries and speak several languages , including French , Arabic and Persian .   
  • I’m working also as a professional narrator and I have narrated many Documentaries and Films such as Land of Paradise and Salt Dome 
  • I have taught in different collages and institutes  and countries and I’m also a website programmer and designer and I enjoy working and designing anything artistic 
  • I believe that teaching is an art, like an artist,  you need to be creative to be a good teacher.I always look for different things to do to help students get the information in the easiest way possible including animation programs, activities etc.,
  • I have always tried to focus on the skill of speaking and helping learners change their brain to speak automatically, without needing to think.
  • This is my honor to be Your English Teacher
  • This is my Job to help you Improve and step up 
  • I hope you would enjoy my courses and I look forward to hearing your feedback 


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